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HEL / L74 Branded Rear Caliper


HEL Rear Caliper
The HEL Performance 84mm Axial Mounted Rear Caliper. Fully CNC machined from solid billet aluminium to offer strength, minimal weight and stiffness.
The calipers come with two 32mm opposed pistons and take a standard pad to offer you total flexibility in pad choice.
Stainless steel pistons, again all machined in-house, compliment the caliper and offer greater heat dissipation under braking.
They're also super lightweight, weighing in at just 505 grams excluding pads and pin.

Caliper Body: 2-Piece
Piston Quantity: 2
Piston Material: Stainless Steel
Piston Diameter: 32mm
Disc Height: 35mm
Material: Billet Aluminium
Weight (excluding pads and pin): 505g