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Affordable Rear Wheel Change Systems for ALL

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Now with caliper upgrade if required
Yamaha R6 2006-16
2017 onwards R6
Yamaha R6 2017 onwards
Yamaha R1 and R1M Rear Wheel Quick Change System
Yamaha R1/R1M 2015-19 STD
Yamaha R1 and R1M Rear Wheel Quick Change System with Brembo Caliper.
Yamaha R1/R1M 2015-19 Brembo
Replacement front spindles with captive nut and replaceable pull cup.
Replacment Front Spindle GSXR 2017<, R1 2015-19, R6 2017<
Get the Factory look for the front as well as the rear.
Front Spindle Conversion
Paddock stand lifters for the 2015 onwards R1 and the 2017 onwards R6 plus the MT10
R1/15-R6/17-MT10 Lifters with/without Shark fin
These Discs are approimayley 17% lighter than the standard discs, reducing unsprung weight.
Lightweight Brake Disc
Aluminium Plate to hold the chain while changing your rear wheel
Chain Holder

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